Country Oaks Angus Ranch
and Freel Family History

Freel Farming History

The farming gene goes way back in the Freel family.

Herb Freel (Doc's father) was in the dairy business in Ft. Madison, Iowa.


SnowflakeBill's five brothers and sisters all helped on the farm and that's where Bill developed a fondness for dairy cattle and dairy folks.



Bill with his two brothers on their horse Snowflake left to right (Terry, Bill, Kim).



He knew early on he wanted to be a large animal veterinarian. He attended Iowa State University Vet School and soon after graduation most of the family moved to Florida and started a dairy farm.

Bill at Graduation              Graduation                           


FreelsGenerations before were farmers as well.

Here's the Freel line originating from Morris O'Friel
(died, 1798) from Ulster, Ireland.

Asher Freel, Born in Warren County, Iowa in 1851

Alfred Harvey Freel, Born in Marion County, Iowa in 1871

Clifford Wilson Freel, Born in Wellman, Iowa in 1903

Herbert Lyle Freel, Born in Wellman, Iowa in 1930

Herbert William (Bill) Freel, Born in Washington, Iowa in 1951

Ryan William Freel, Born in Leesburg, Florida in 1978


Today there are still many Freels involved in the agriculture industry in Washington County, Iowa and in Weirsdale, Florida. Bill and Megan ran Country Oaks Veterinary Clinic for 30 years. After selling the practice in 2005, Bill is still a large animal veterinarian, serving many of Florida's dairy farms. His passion is breeding great Angus genetics at Country Oaks Angus Ranch. His daughters Molly and Erin live close by and help with marketing, records and selling of the Certified Angus Beef line. Sons-in-law Ricky and Rob are a big part of the family and help regularly with working cows, fixing fence and selling beef. Granddaughters Riley and Reagan love living next door and living on the farm so they can help check cows with their "Poppy" and show the animals at local fairs. Bill and Megan's son Ryan lives in Georgia with Regina and their daughter Emma (the youngest cowgirl of the family).